How do I find out more?

How do I find out more?
How do I find out more?


Learn more about KT

Cochrane's Knowledge Translation Department (KTD) is responsible for supporting the implementation of KT activities.  You can find out more about the work that Department does and how it can support you on the KTD pages of the Community website.

These online learning resources are your 'one stop shop' for learning about KT in Cochrane and how you might continue to expand KT activities in your own Cochrane work. We're adding to these learning resources all the time, and our plan is to develop a detailed programme of KT learning and support here over the coming months and years. 

Get involved

Webinars: We are planning a series of webinars to support learning and practice of all elements of KT. More information about and sign up for these webinars will be availble here in the near future, or you can follow @cochranetrain on Twitter for latest updates. In the meantime, you can find previous KT webinars as part of the Cochrane Learning Live webinar archive.

Questions or comments: We're happy to hear any questions you have about KT in Cochrane or these KT learning resources.  Please contact Cochrane's KT Department to share your questions or comments.

Case studies and external resources: We are always interested in any case studies about KT that you may have or suggestions for appropriate external resources that might be linked to from these KT web pages.  Please contact Cochrane's KT Department with your suggestions.

External KT literature

If you're interested in exploring the literature on KT more generally, this freely available article on Knowledge Translation of research findings (Grimshaw et al 2012) is an excellent starting point.

For a more detailed expansion of your KT knowledge, there are repositories of KT methods and tools such as this one maintained by the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools in Canada.