4. Maintaining and developing a Specialised Register

The aim of searching for Specialised Registers (SR) is to identify as many studies that are relevant to the Group’s scope as possible.

Detailed information about the design and structure of search strategies for identifying studies for Cochrane reviews, and sources to search, is given in:

The Cochrane Handbook Chapter 4: Searching for and selecting studies
The Handbook for Diagnostic Test Accuracy Reviews Chapter 8: Searching for studies

The ways in which Groups maintain, develop and populate their register may differ.

Where, what, and how often you search to populate your register will depend on:

  • the scope of your Group as reflected in the Group’s Topic List
  • the sources available to you
  • the time you have for searching for your register

Best practice guidance for reporting on specialised register maintenance has been produced by CIS Support and approved by the CIS Executive.