8. Cochrane Review Production Tools

Cochrane editorial and authors teams have several tools to help them with review production:


Archie is the repository for Cochrane's documents, contact details, and workflows. It contains data about all the people involved in Cochrane and all the documents and Reviews that Cochrane produces.

In Archie, it is possible to read, print, and compare current and past versions of a document. Archie operates using a system of workflows for title registration, protocols and updates. Tasks may be assigned to you via these Archie workflows.

You’ll need a Cochrane Account username & password to access Archie. Your Managing Editor (ME) will provide this for you.

Review manager (RevMan)

RevMan is the software used for preparing and maintaining Cochrane Reviews.


Covidence is recommended by Cochrane as part of its author support toolkit. It is a screening and data extraction tool for systematic review authors, and supports key steps in the Cochrane review process.


EPPI-Reviewer is a tool developed by the Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Co-ordinating Centre (EPPI-Centre) at the Institute of Education in London. It is designed to support complex reviews.


GRADEPro GDT is a software tool that helps Cochrane authors to create summary of findings tables. It is a web-based tool, which allows you to import the results of statistical analyses from RevMan.

Task Exchange

Task Exchange is a web-based platform, which aims to connect people with reviews who need assistance with those who have the time and expertise to help.