Consumer involvement

Consumer involvement
Consumer involvement

Here you can find the links to Cochrane Learning Live webinar recordings and accompanying materials on involving consumers in production of systematic reviews.

TaskExchange: a new hub for Cochrane Consumers [December 2018]
Dr Emily Steele, TaskExchange Community Engagement & Partnerships Manager
Richard Morley, Cochrane's Consumer Engagement Officer.
[recording and accompanying materials available soon]
Involving People: new learning resource for systematic review authors [November 2017]
Richard Morley, Cochrane Consumer Co-ordinator
Pauline Campbell, ACTIVE project 
[click here for accompanying materials]

Involving consumers in Cochrane reviews: learning from the ACTIVE project [October 2016]
Alex Pollock and Pauline Campbell, Glasgow Caledonian University
[click here for recording and accompanying materials]

Consumers for the terrified: Exploring new ways of involving consumers in the work of Cochrane [April 2016]
Richard Morley, Cochrane Consumer Network Co-ordinator
[click here for recording and accompanying materials]

If you are interested in this topic, there are more online learning resources in our Knowledge translation collection.