GRADE related publications

GRADE-related publications
GRADE-related publications

GRADE related publications are research or review articles that are about GRADE. These articles have not undergone any formal review by the GRADE Working Group, but may or may not be authored by GRADE members.

Appropriate use of GRADE

Guidelines rarely used GRADE and applied methods inconsistently: A methodological study of Australian guidelines

The use of the GRADE dose-response gradient domain in nutrition evidence syntheses varies considerably

Which actionable statements qualify as good practice statements In Covid-19 guidelines? A systematic appraisal

Good or best practice statements: proposal for the operationalisation and implementation of GRADE guidance

Pooling of cohort studies and RCTs affects GRADE certainty of evidence in nutrition research

GRADE notes: How to use GRADE when there is "no" evidence? A case study of the expert evidence approach

Evidence to decision frameworks enabled structured and explicit development of healthcare recommendations

Indirectness (transferability) is critical when considering existing economic evaluations for GRADE clinical practice guidelines: a systematic review

Communication of GRADE

Visual transformation for guidelines presentation of the strength of recommendations and the certainty of evidence

Focus groups and interviews with the public led to the development of a template for a GRADE Plain Language Recommendation (PLR)

Standardized wording to improve efficiency and clarity of GRADE EtD frameworks in health guidelines

A taxonomy and framework for identifying and developing actionable statements in guidelines suggests avoiding informal recommendations

Focus groups and interviews with the public led to the development of a template for a GRADE Plain Language Recommendation (PLR)

Cost and economics

Guidelines that use the GRADE approach often fail to provide complete economic information for recommendations: A systematic survey

A modeling approach to derive baseline risk estimates for GRADE recommendations: Concepts, development, and results of its application to the American Society of Hematology 2019 guidelines on prevention of venous thromboembolism in surgical hospitalized patients

An approach to quantifying the potential importance of residual confounding in systematic reviews of observational studies: A GRADE concept paper

Use of GRADE in evidence syntheses published in high-impact-factor nutrition journals: A methodological survey

New concepts in GRADE related articles