JCE series

JCE series: GRADE guidelines
JCE series: GRADE guidelines

A series of guidance articles for systematic review and health technology assessment authors, guideline panelists and methodologists on how to apply the GRADE methodology framework has been published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology (JCE). The links to full articles are available below.

Note that since the initial publications in this series, the term 'quality of evidence' has been replaced by 'certainty of evidence'.

Introductory articles

Rating the certainty of evidence

Summarizing the evidence

Making recommendations

Risk of bias

Values and preferences

Diagnostic tests

Network meta-analysis

GRADE guidelines: 23. Going from evidence to recommendations: considering resource use and modelling evidence for cost-effectiveness (under revision)
GRADE guidelines: 24. Strategies to optimize use of randomized and non-randomized studies in evidence syntheses that use GRADE (under revision)
GRADE guidelines: 29. JCE 20-27 - Rating the certainty in time-to-event outcomes – Study limitations due to censoring of participants with missing data in intervention studies (under review)
GRADE guidelines: 30. The GRADE approach to assessing the certainty of modelled evidence – an overview in the context of health decision-making (accepted)
GRADE guidelines: 31. Assessing the certainty across a body of evidence for comparative test accuracy (not yet submitted)
GRADE guidelines: 32. What is it in which we are rating our certainty of evidence? GRADE guidance on how to choose (under review)