Review Manager (RevMan)
Review Manager (RevMan)

There are two versions of Cochrane RevMan: RevMan Web (online) and RevMan 5 (desktop)


 RevMan Web has been designed to integrate with other systematic review software and new features and updates are added regularly. Cochrane Review authors can log in to RevMan Web to view the dashboard (all reviews) and edit reviews online (all reviews other than diagnostic test accuracy reviews).

 RevMan 5 is the desktop version of the software used for editing reviews not currently editable in RevMan Web (diagnostic test accuracy reviews), for non-Cochrane reviews, and for offline working. You can use RevMan 5 alongside RevMan Web if needed.

If you need to use RevMan 5, please ensure you are using RevMan 5.4.1, the latest version released in September 2020. Available for download below.


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