Download and installation RevMan 5

RevMan Web is the online platform recommended for Cochrane intervention and flexible reviews. Log in to RevMan Web to access your review.

RevMan 5 is available for download as locally installed software (current version: 5.4.1), released September 2020.

Please cite RevMan 5 whenever its output is used: Review Manager (RevMan) [Computer program]. Version 5.4.1, The Cochrane Collaboration, 2020.

Cochrane Authors Other users of RevMan
RevMan Web is recommended for Cochrane intervention reviews and flexible reviews.
If you need to use RevMan 5, please ensure you are using RevMan 5.4, available for download below. 
Run RevMan in non-Cochrane mode

If you receive a warning message in RevMan to update RevMan 5.4 please do so here.

Read our support FAQs and the RevMan 5 user guide

Contact with any issues.

Read our support FAQs and the RevMan 5 user guide.

We can only offer RevMan 5 support to registered Cochrane authors.

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Step 1: Download the installation file

Download the file that matches your operating system:

Windows Linux Mac OS
If Microsoft Defender Smartscreen warns you against running the software, please click on 'More Info' and 'Run anyway'.
64 bit version - will only work on 64 bit Windows machines
32 bit version - will work on most Windows machines

See Linux installation instructions

Download archive file

Download installer file  

Mac OS may request your approval before downloading the software. You may need to adjust your security settings to authorise the download.

Step 2: Run the installer

Important notes for those installing RevMan on institutional computers:

  • You need to be using an account that has permission to install software on the computer. If you do not have permissions to install software in the default directory, please try to install RevMan in another folder, such as your user directory or personal drive. 
  • Cochrane's Review Manager 5.4 software (RevMan 5) will not work correctly without access to the Cochrane server ( RevMan 5 communicates with the Cochrane server using a standard HTTPS connection on port 443, i.e. it has the same network requirements as an ordinary secure website. The connection is outgoing, so there is no need for any incoming ports to be open. Institutions working with a whitelist of websites will need to allow a HTTPS connection to in order for RevMan 5 to work correctly. RevMan 5 will not work on network setups that support insecure HTTP or outdated TLS protocols, e.g. TLS 1.1, only. If you have questions, please contact

Note for Linux users: RevMan's automatic update feature may only work fully if you are installing the software as the root user.

Step 3: Go through the installation wizard

Step 4: Run RevMan 5

See our support FAQs for answers to some common queries. If you are not a Cochrane author, run RevMan in non-Cochrane mode.