Introduction to RevMan

Review Manager (RevMan) is the software developed by Cochrane to support preparing and maintaining systematic reviews. This presentation provides a very brief introduction to its features, intending to be followed up with hands-on experience. It also describes the process of accessing your review works through Archie, which is a database that stores all drafts of Cochrane reviews, published and in progress, as well as the contact information of all contributors to Cochrane.

The presentation has been translated into several languages other than English. Select an available language from the list at the top right of this page.

A link is provided to the Documentation Index page of the Cochrane Informatics & Knowledge Management Department, where you can find further information and materials relating to RevMan. A self-guided tutorial and other resources are available from RevMan's Help menu after installation.

After using this resource, you should be able to...
  • Describe the role of Archie database and RevMan software in the process of Cochrane review production
  • Identify the stages of Cochrane review production in which RevMan can be used
  • Access your review if you have an Archie account
  • Identify key features of a RevMan file
  • Find more detailed instructions and help on how to use RevMan

Introduction to RevMan - slidecast

Author information: 
Cumpston, Miranda

Approved by the Cochrane Methods Board on 23 September 2011.

Compiled by Miranda Cumpston and Matthew Page, based on materials by the Cochrane Information Management System, the Australasian Cochrane Centre and the Canadian Cochrane Centre.