Introduction to RevMan – a guided tour

This is a recorded webinar with Matt Page, a trainer from Cochrane Australia, on how to use Review Manager (RevMan).

RevMan is the free software used to write a Cochrane review. With RevMan, you can draft text, run statistical analysis, manage references and submit your review for editorial approval. This webinar provides a tour of key features of RevMan, including hints and tips to make working on your review quicker and easier. Note that the most detailed and up-to-date tutorial on using RevMan is available on the RevMan (5.3 version) Help menu, upon installation.

Please note that the video sharing commences around the four minute mark on this recording (audio throughout).

After using this resource, you should be able to...
  • Identify key features of the RevMan 5.2 interface
  • Import references to RevMan
  • Use RevMan to analyse dichotomous and continuous outcome data
  • Add figures to RevMan

Author information: 
Page, Matt

Thanks to Cochrane Information Management System and Australian Government through the National Health and Medical Research Council