3.4 Using the CRS to manage searches for author teams

Information specialists can use the CRS as a bibliographic management tool, in similar ways to software packages like EndNote and Reference Manager.

References found for a particular review can be imported to the Group’s segment, collated, deduplicated and emailed directly to an author via the CRS.

The CRS has a tracking function. Studies can be assigned to individual reviews within the CRS, and the CRS tracks the date(s) studies were sent to authors, and what the authors have done with them – i.e. included, excluded, etc. This information then appears in the audit trail of a particular record.

When the review search is updated, the CRS will not resend the records that an author has previously received, unless the information specialist chooses to resend them.

Additional material can be associated with a study or reference record (e.g. a data extraction sheet, a translation or a PDF copy of the paper).