8.3 Archie workflows

A workflow is an ordered sequence of interrelated tasks that need to be completed to achieve a finished product (e.g. a published protocol). The editorial process workflow follows review production from title stage through to the finished review. The aim of workflows is to help Groups:

  • keep track of where each review is up to in the editorial process
  • inform people (Editors, Authors, Referees) when they need to take action.
  • plan and prioritise work across multiple reviews.
  • identify and analyze trends in the Group’s processes (for example by identifying common “bottlenecks” in the review process).

Not all editorial groups use Workflows. When they do, Cochrane Information Specialists are generally recipients of tasks. These tasks will be shown in your 'Organizer' tab in Archie, or as a ticket in your email if you have set up notifications in Archie to email you when you have a new task.

You can set up standard email templates for each task ('task email templates') within Archie workflows. These can be used to track correspondence with authors, and can save you time so that you don’t have to type the same email over and over again. Information on how to do this can be found in the Archie help files.