A day with... SMG

A day with... Statistical Methods Group (SMG)
A day with... Statistical Methods Group (SMG)
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A day with... is a virtual event for anyone interested in systematic review methodology and the work of Cochrane Methods Groups. Whether you are new or an advanced-level learner, this virtual event will be an opportunity for you to meet and learn from colleagues from Statistical Methods Group. There will be a variety of online events happening throughout the day, including a video wall of contributors, webinar presentations, virtual Q&A sessions, and an informal chance to meet SMG members and presenters.

On this page you can see full details of the programme and sign up for the sessions.

Programme (11 May 2021)

Session 1: Methods and issues around heterogeneity
Session 2: Presentations from early career researchers & Virtual 'get-to-know-you'
Virtual Facewall
The floor is open...

Session 1: Methods and issues around heterogeneity

08:00-09:00 UTC (Check time in your time zone) [Sign up here]

A 60-min live online session with a series of brief presentations and Q&A. Chaired by Joanne McKenzie and Areti Angeliki (Argie) Veroniki (SMG Co-convenors).

Methods and issues around heterogeneity
Presentation 1:
Extending the I-squared statistic to describe treatment effect heterogeneity in cluster, multi-centre randomized trials and individual patient data meta-analysis
Presentation 2:
The empirical distribution of tau from IQWiG reports for the application in Bayesian random-effects meta-analyses
Julian Higgins
University of Bristol, UK
Karla Hemming
University of Birmingham, UK
Ralf Bender
Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), Germany
Presentation 3:
I2 statistic in meta-analysis of prevalence: worthwhile or worthless?
Reflections on quantifying heterogeneity
Celina Borges Migliavaca
National Institute for Health Technology Assessment, Post-Graduate Program in Epidemiology, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Ian White
Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit, University College London, UK

Session 2: Presentations from early career researchers & Virtual 'get-to-know-you'

11:00-13:00 UTC (Check time in your time zone) [Sign up here]

This session will consist of two parts. First, there will be a 90-min live online session with a series of brief presentations from early career researchers and Q&A, chaired by Anna Chaimani, Catrin Tudur Smith and Mark Simmonds (SMG Co-convenors). 

Starting immediately after the presentations, a 30-min virtual 'get-to-know-you' session will give you a chance to talk with other attendees about presentations, your own research, getting involved with the Statistical Methods Group, or other topics of your interest. Attendees will be randomly assigned to breakout rooms for small group (8-10) discussions. Statistical Methods Group co-convenors will be assigned to each breakout room to facilitate discussions and respond to questions.

Presentation 1:
Meta-analysis methods used in systematic reviews of interrupted time series studies           
Presentation 2: 
Adjusting for exposure misclassification in an individual participant data meta-analysis of observational studies     
Presentation 3:
Latent class models for individual participant data meta-analyses of diagnostic test accuracy studies with imperfect reference standards
Presentation 4:
Framework for evaluating reporting bias in network meta-analysis
Elizabeth Korevaar
School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University, Australia
Valentijn de Jong
Universitair Medisch Centrum (UMC), Utrecht, The Netherlands
Zelalem Negeri
Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, McGill University, Canada 
Virginia Chiocchia
Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland
Presentation 5: 
Penalized regression in network meta-analysis: a new approach for analyzing networks of interventions with rare events
Presentation 6:
Using a distribution-based approach and systematic review methods to derive minimum clinically important differences                       
Presentation 7: 
Meta-analysis for zero-events studies
Theodoros Evrenoglou
Inserm Research Centre in Epidemiology and Statistics (CRESS-U1153), Université de Paris, France
Jennifer Watt
Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, Canada
Chang Xu
Department of population medicine, Qatar University, Qatar

Virtual Facewall

Our Virtual Facewall brings us closer to each other, even if we can't meet in person! You can visit the Virtual Facewall at any time during the day to watch brief videos of Statistical Methods Group co-convenors and presenters talking about themselves, their professional interests and activities. You can respond or comment on their videos, either by a written post or by a brief video recording. Introduce yourself, get in touch, pick up a conversation, or just like the video!

The floor is open...

A Twitter chat (#adaywithCochraneSMG) will be open during the event, providing opportunities for the community to interact with the Methods Group, raise and discuss methodological and other relevant issues and questions.

If you have any questions about 'A day with... Statistical Methods Group' contact us at support@cochrane.org

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